Focus Area: Terminal Antennas

This focus area concentrates on small antennas that are placed on a terminal platform, such as a mobile terminal, personal digital assistant, tablet, laptop, mechanically flexible devices etc. The interesting frequency band is from 100 MHz (FM radio) even up to 5 GHz.The working group covers, for instance, fundamental theories for small terminal antennas, modelling, novel antenna structures and their design, multi-antenna systems (e.g., MIMO), miniaturisation methods, impedance matching, bandwidth enhancement and frequency tuning methods, user-related issues (such as effect of the user on antenna performance, specific absorption rate and hearing-aid compatibility), terminal antenna measurements and simulations techniques, commercial manufacturability and testing aspects, or any other related area. Members of the working group belong to laboratories of European universities and companies having a strong focus on various topics of Terminal antennas. International Advisors coming from renown international institutions contribute to the working group and build International liaison. If you belong any of the mentioned categories or work on any related area, feel free to participate this working group! Jari Holopainen (Aalto University, Finland)Jari Holopainen